Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Own Quilt Challenge

I have been playing around with this panel and batik combo since last October, or maybe it was November.  What I need to do is finish this darn thing.  I'm getting kinda attached to it hanging on the wall.  I like the colors, I like looking at it, especially when I've had snow all around me since the first week in October.
I wanted this quilt to be a bit disorganized (like the developer) so I'm doing weird things like trying to not have the panel in the center.  I need this to be wide enough to fit a double bed because I may want to look at this every winter for a bit, just to remind me that spring is coming, some day.

I've had a bit of fun with friends and visitors putting their own ideas in the block arrangement.  Once I sew these blocks together, I think I better stick to it.

Then, write a pattern, ugh!  I promised to write a pattern, so wish me luck!

The Calamity Quilter