Wednesday, April 3, 2013

destination Red Lodge

When I grow up, I want to surround myself with quilting people.  I think that's a good goal, don't you?  

I've had a few adventures in my life, and since I'm only half done (barring a Mac truck incident), I figure I better get going on the next few adventures.  My husband and I have toyed with the idea of moving to Red Lodge Montana for about 3 or 4 years now.  I don't know how this happened since I thought the home we built here in country outside of Billings was perfect.  We've been helping my mother in law rehab a cabin on Rock Creek for a few years now, and everytime we go down to Red Lodge, we keep looking around for a property of our own.  Should we live in the country?  Lordy, we have so much stuff we need a big house and a couple of big barns.  Should we live right in town?  That way we could walk downtown and hang out at the local eateries and pubs.  What should we do?

I've been talking about opening up a quilt shop in Red Lodge for a couple of years, I figured I should embark on this adventure in 2015, in fact, 2015 is on my vision board.  I've been studying and researching all about quilt shops; how to operate a retail business, how not to go broke, how to create a destination type of business using quilter connections.  I thought I should research this adventure a bit more, in fact I just started my online quilt fabric store, just to get my toes in the water.

All of a sudden, I'm getting ready to lease some property in Red Lodge.  Goodness, it isn't even 2015 yet.  What happened?  There is a precious quilt shop right over the hill from Red Lodge, in Washoe.  LuDawn is the owner and her and her mother have been totally involved in the quilt business for 11 years.  She started her adventure when she was my age, and thought she would go 10 years and then retire.  Well it's been 11 years, and she just announced it's time to go camping with her husband.  So here I go.  

Stay tuned as I update you on this adventure, I will never give up camping, so I know I'm gonna need some good help.  LuDawn has already said she would watch my shop while I go huckleberry picking, of course, she would like some huckleberries!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Vacuum or quilt, such a hard question!

Vacuum or quilt, such a hard question!

I know I need to keep up with the housework, but all I can think about is getting my next piece of applique tacked down so I can proceed with my quilt project.  If I just do one more color, one more leaf, one more flower; then I can pick up the vacuuming where I left off.

I can remember when my kids were all little and I couldn't wait until my husband got home from work so he could "watch baseball with the kids" while I secluded myself in the bowels of the basement with the door shut to my sewing room.

I know there were projects in that room that had to be done, but I suspect the reason they had to be done right away is that mommy needed some "quilt therapy" in order to keep her sanity.  

Now I let my husband watch baseball by himself, because I get to quilt, whenever I want.  The kids are grown, so I don't really need therapy as much now.  But since I'm only middle age, I think I should practice this quilt therapy for when I'm older, in case I need some type of treatment later.

Ok, so I will vacuum, because I have fabric dust all over the place, but then I can keep sewing.