Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Vacuum or quilt, such a hard question!

Vacuum or quilt, such a hard question!

I know I need to keep up with the housework, but all I can think about is getting my next piece of applique tacked down so I can proceed with my quilt project.  If I just do one more color, one more leaf, one more flower; then I can pick up the vacuuming where I left off.

I can remember when my kids were all little and I couldn't wait until my husband got home from work so he could "watch baseball with the kids" while I secluded myself in the bowels of the basement with the door shut to my sewing room.

I know there were projects in that room that had to be done, but I suspect the reason they had to be done right away is that mommy needed some "quilt therapy" in order to keep her sanity.  

Now I let my husband watch baseball by himself, because I get to quilt, whenever I want.  The kids are grown, so I don't really need therapy as much now.  But since I'm only middle age, I think I should practice this quilt therapy for when I'm older, in case I need some type of treatment later.

Ok, so I will vacuum, because I have fabric dust all over the place, but then I can keep sewing.

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