Thursday, June 8, 2017

New Cutting mat and new rotary cutter blade, ahhhh

Why do I wait so long to change my blades, and why didn't I remember how cutting on a new mat is like slicing through butter?

Piecing a quilt just got better
with a new blade in my Gingher Rotary Cutter

I'm always surfing Facebook and there's often good information about things to make your quilting experience better.  I stumbled upon an article about how using a crappy blade on a well used cutting mat can effect your cutting accuracy.  Hmm, I know my cutting mat is well used, especially the quarter yard lines that I used cutting fat quarters and fat eighths at the quilt studio.  I take these well loved mats home and use them, maybe I shouldn't!

I have brand new cutting mats and blades, so I did what I should have done and brought a brand new blade and a brand new mat home with me.

Ahhhh, feels so good!  Cuts so cleanly!  And when I trim my quilt block pieces, it's much easier to just brush away the little scraps when you have a lovely smooth surface.

Think about it, are you ready for an update?  Treat yourself to a new blade and mat.  I've spoiled myself and started using the Gingher Rotary Cuter, I love the way they feel in my hand.  I use these cutters for my personal piecing and use a Olfa for cutting fabric for customers in my Quilt Studio.

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