Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Not sure if this domain name redirect works but here goes

Bear with me while I change some stuff around.

I just dumped my big, clunky, expensive website so I can concentrate my online sales on Etsy and a few Facebook fabric sale sites (didn't know Facebook fabric sales was a thing)

I'm trying to follow the directions for my domain name host, and I think I did things correctly?  I also know it takes a day or two before stuff transfers.

In the meantime, I'm mostly just going to use my Facebook Quilt Lodge page to share info while I figure out how to work this blogspot site.  Bonnie Hunter uses this method, and while she is definitely a good  blogger, I can learn?  I hope?

I'm also heading out for my annual huckleberry picking adventure, so my friend and major support person Betty will be holding down the fort on Fridays 10am till 3pm and Saturday's 11am till 2pm.  Be sure and stop by and give her a hard time, ask her a really hard question (then run).

This picture above is of the Old Roosevelt School Building that's right on Broadway.  Our building has sold to a non-profit that hopes to renovate and create a space for the Arts and Culture.  The boiler guy was in the old boiler room getting things ready for a very important test.  If all goes well (saying prayers here), the boiler will be started and I will be moving to a lovely classroom, maybe this fall.

Stay tuned

The Calamity Quilter

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