Thursday, September 17, 2015

Some days are just made for having coffee in the afternoon.  Yesterday was one of those days in Red Lodge Montana.  I'm always looking up the rain/moisture doppler radar from Weather Underground to see if we're gonna have some rain.  Yesterday morning the doppler map was completely green up in Yellowstone National Park, and the way the jet stream was moving, I was sure we'd rain all day.

Just a few drops here in town, dang it.  On the bright side; where I saw the big green blob on the doppler radar, it did rain.  Thank goodness, because there was a big fire that started up there last weekend.  It's burning not too far from one of my favorite peaceful spots in the Park, the Nez Perce  Ford picnic area.                                
This morning Beartooth Pass was closed 12 miles south of Red Lodge because there was a bit of a snow event on the Wyoming side of the Pass.  Hoping it's open this weekend, because I know many travelers will enjoy the view.

Making taco soup tonight for dinner, it's a fall favorite.

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