Saturday, November 19, 2016

60 Day Club, An Adventure of Finishing UFO's

Unfinished projects are the subject of many jokes in a quilter's world.  Here's a small sample of some of the comments I receive in the quilt shop:

  • Do I have any UFO's?  Are you kidding?  I built a storage shed to hide my stash!
  • I might be able to find 5, 😉😉😉😉😉
  • How many years will we be doing this program, I may need 10 or more
  • I'm saving fabric for retirement, I want to make sure I have enough when I'm on a fixed income
There has been 2 people who let me know that they really don't have any unfinished projects, they pretty much finish things they start.  I didn't have my camera running to show you my jaw hitting the floor when I heard this, I love these people, but we really don't have much in common.

What the heck is the 60 day club?  Find 5 unfinished projects and gather them for a group photo by the first week in January.  Take five post it notes and number them from 1 - 5 and place a number on each of the 5 projects, take a picture (evidence).

Just a sample, my projects have yet to be identified

        • Pick 5 Unfinished projects you want to complete in 2017

When I say unfinished projects, pull out those ones you've been saving, because you can't stand the idea of losing them forever, and you think if you got them done, you'd be happy and proud
How unfinished?  Oh heck, let's not get caught up in minutiae (not sure of the spelling).  Some of my projects have been in my shoeboxes for 10 years and some I just haven't even cut out yet, some are big and some are small.  Bigger is not better, DONE IN 60 DAYS is better
Now for the Evidence.  Arrange your projects into stacks, 5 stacks.  
Number 5 post its 1 - 5 and place them on each of your 5 projects to be completed next year
Take a picture for evidence, this will be shared with your group.
Don't have a group?  Make one, or join ours or just post on the Quilt Lodge Facebook page.
The first week in January we are getting together for a sandwich and beer party, probably at Sam's taproom, and the first number will be drawn, this is the first project everyone will start on and finish in 60 days
Next comes a show and tell pizza and beer party, at the end of the first 60 days, we'll get together and show off our UFO's that are finished (at least the top, unless it's a table runner, you'll get all kinds of crap if you only bring the top of a table runner)
If you don't finish your 60 day project, fine, bring it anyways, show some progress, and don't forget to bring a dessert to share, with everyone!  Some people wanted the unsuccessful to buy dinner, but I was afraid people would come up with an excuse and run for the hills, we don't want that
We'll pick the next number at the show and tell and let the fun begin, again, and in 60 days we'll get together and have a meal, repeat!
Yes, I'm long winded
Let me know if you want to join, I can help you connect with others in your local area for your group parties, but hope you make it to one of our's in Red Lodge
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